words by nerissa

…observations, thoughts and questions

Meet Nerissa

Beechworth closeup
Instead of giving you a blow-by-blow description of my life, I thought it much nicer to tell you about the things I love.

I love family.
I am a wife — I have been married to Trevor for more than 15 years.
I am a mother — I am blessed with two beautiful children — Joshua and Laura. And while having children is a demanding, busy and sometimes thankless job, they are the two most precious little people in the world to me.
I am also a sister, daughter, and aunt.
Family is important to me.

I love God. While, I don’t go around ‘ramming religion down people’s throats’, I don’t make any secret about my beliefs. Just like relationships with people are different, relationships with God are also different. Some people have very ‘loud’ kind of relationships with God, while mine is more the quiet, reflective kind. Some of my beliefs may be reflected in my writing. And while you may not share my beliefs, I would hope that you would at least respect them.

I love being active and leading a healthy lifestyle. This hasn’t always been the case, but as I get older, I am beginning to realise just how important good health is. So I am working hard to be the very best version of myself. It’s not about ‘losing weight’ or ‘being skinny’ (it used to be). Now, it’s about having a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy future.

I love to cook. Not every single night (give me a break), but I do love to get in the kitchen. I’m actually a pretty good cook. In fact, I have been told my homemade ham and pineapple pizzas and chocolate chip cookies would be a hit on MasterChef. And while it would be lovely to meet Gary, George and Matt, I have no interest in ‘putting myself on a plate’ for the whole country to see. Cooking for my family and friends is enough for me.

I love all things words. Books, writing, scrabble (any word games actually), libraries, notes, lists, in fact, pieces of paper with words on them! An avid reader, I will read the cereal box if there is nothing else to read.

I love being quiet. Quiet time can be a rare thing at my house. However, when there is an opportunity to be still and quiet, I love it. That’s when I am most inspired.

I love to walk. If I could only choose one form of exercise for the rest of my life it would be walking. Like a good book, walking can take you to places you’ve never been before. In fact, I love walking so much, I’ve walked 100km for Oxfam — twice!

I love to reflect. Reflecting and writing about my reflections often helps me to clarify my thoughts and feelings. I reflect upon many things — both from my past and in the present. I also like to wonder about the future….

I love to laugh. There is nothing quite so healing as a big belly laugh. More often than not, these times happen when I’m with my sister and my mum. Other people who make me laugh are Mr Bean and Basil Fawlty.

And finally, I love chocolate. Dark chocolate. But I am a chocolate snob. I especially love visiting chocolate boutiques and indulging in one or two of the little delicacies under the glass bench! With a good coffee of course.

And that’s a little snapshot of me.

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words by nerissa

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